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Espresso coffee cupsIs your day not complete without caffeine running in your system? How much do you think you spend on coffee alone weekly or monthly? If you are buying your daily coffee at a big coffee shops, then you can probably buy tons of other items or even a small appliance like an espresso machine at the rate you are going.

The world is becoming more and more of a caffeinated nation. From the United States to Australia and now in Asia, coffee shops have become such big hits and it has definitely become a booming industry. With that being said, this is where a part of your hard-earned salary goes. Fact is it is not that hard making your own coffee especially if you have got the right equipment. Another fact also is that you will save more by making your own coffee.

Coffee addicts do not realize how much they are spending for coffee until they finally sit down to list how much they spend on coffee daily. Anyone would be amazed on how much one spends monthly on coffee alone and anyone would be more amazed on how much you can save by getting an espresso maker.

What to Look For in a Coffee Maker

If it is your first time to consider purchasing a coffee maker, then you are probably at lost on the things you need to consider. Luckily, we have combined the basic things you need to consider when searching for the best espresso maker:

Manual or Semi/Auto Espresso Machine

The manual espresso machine is also known as the lever espresso machine. They are known as the hands on type of espresso maker which is harder to operate but without a doubt produces the best shots of espresso that will make you want to put up your own coffee shop.

The semi-automatic espresso machine comes with an automated pump and automated temperature controls. Your contribution here is switching the activation switches for engaging and disengaging the pump.

The automatic machine comes with automatic but programmable preset water volumes from which the user can freely choose. It also comes with automated pump and temperature controls.

There also are super automatic machines that do everything with a single touch of a button. They grind, dose, tamp, brew, and eject puck and all you would have to do is pick your espresso.

Today, there are also machines pretending to be espresso makers but truth is they are steam-drive machines that do not produce authentic espresso but only a stronger type of coffee. These ones are those that are priced below $100 so be careful.

As of now, most buyers prefer the semi-automatic espresso machine as they produce great espressos without the toxicities of using the manual maker. However, there also are automatic espresso makers today that offer programmable controls. Durability wise, you would want to stick with the semi-automatic ones.

Quality Grinder is the Key

Critics cannot state this enough – a grinder is crucial in the espresso process. It has always been said that a good grinder is necessary to bring out that espresso aroma once it all goes into the espresso machine.

Of course you have to have good ingredients such as coffee beans and good water but what good would be your coffee beans if your grinder fails to grind them properly?

In choosing grinders, there are the manual and automatic ones. If you are on a tight budget here since you want to go all out for your espresso maker, check out the Baratza Maestro grinder which costs around $100 but gives a really good espresso grind.

Choose Accessories Wisely

Espresso machines can be just as personal as your favorite order at Starbucks and Tully’s through the help of accessories. Now, some may think these are not necessary and just add-ons that would cost you more.

They are probably right but then these accessories are also the ones that will give the espresso a unique character that you specifically want. Remember that you want to prevent yourself from buying take-out coffee so you better make this home espresso experience flawlessly good.

Here is a quick list of some of the accessories you might want to invest on:

  • Tamper – According to espresso critics, this is a must-have for every espresso machine. Some brands you would want to look at are Reg Barber, Bumper, CoffeeLab, and Espro.
  • Cups and Saucers – This would depend purely on your preference. If you care less about how your espresso looks and just wants something good, by all means you can settle with paper cups and throw them away after use. However, critics say that the containers also play an important role as to how the espresso would retain its flavor and consistency. They say that the Bodum doubled wall glass works best for espresso shots.
  • Knock Boxes – This is important but you do not need to spend a fortune to get one. Check out Grindenstein or Bumper Knockbox for these.
  • Pitchers – These are also called steaming pitchers and most brands give this away for free with a purchase of their espresso machine.
  • Cleaning Materials – This is the most overlooked but highly important accessory in espresso machines.

Espresso machines are really heaven sent for coffee addicts today. They may cost more than you want but if you are really serious about saving on your coffee addiction, there is no better way than go search for the best espresso maker.

So think about how much you’re leaving at the big coffee shops such as Starbucks or Tully’s Coffee, and how much better coffee you could drink from your own coffee or espresso machines at home or at work!