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About Us

We,, are providing our readers honest, well tested and researched information about kitchen and household appliances. This originally came from our massive buying new stuff for our new home when we decided to live together. We’ve been reading on the internet, asking lots of questions in stores and using the appliances ourselves.

The reviews of the more technical appliances is researched, tested and written by John with input from Kathy for user experience. Since Kathy uses most, she has a really good idea how the quality and user friendly the appliances are.

The articles are our own words, we do not get paid by the manufacturers and therefore are our reviews un-biased about all products. We do however get a commission if you buy something through our affiliate website links. That covers our costs for maintaining the website and replacing our broken products (so we can test more again). But don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra 🙂

Dear readers: if you would like to contact us, please do via our contact form. We are however busy with our normal jobs and please give us some time to reply.

Manufacturers: if you have any new products which you would like us to test it, please contact us and we can discuss further. But please bear in mind that we write our own reviews of products and do not intent do change our text because you provide us a product.

Hope you enjoy reading our articles and reviews!

All the best, John and Kathy.