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Aroma 20-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer Review

The Aroma 20-Cup (cooked) rice cooker is a versatile kitchen appliance that makes cooking rice dishes and one-pot meals easy and predictable. The Aroma cooks your rice perfectly every time, automatically, and then keeps it warm until you’re ready for it for up to several hours after the cooking cycle is over.

If you can boil water, you can cook rice; but experienced cooks know how hard it can be to make perfect rice in a saucepan on the stove. It’s common for portions of the rice to burn before the entire batch is cooked, and rice cooked on the stove needs constant attention, which makes preparing meals that include rice in them a chore. Automatic rice cookers like the Aroma 20-cup take all the guesswork out of making perfect rice, and since they work without any attention, you can set it and forget it. The Aroma 20-cup keeps the rice warm without burning until you’re ready to serve it, making timing all the courses of your meal easier.

Aroma 20-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Aroma 20-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

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  • Automatic electric rice cooker and vegetable steamer
  • Max 10-Cup (uncooked) – 20-Cup (cooked)
  • Prepares from 4 to 20 servings of rice at a time
  • Keep warm setting
  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Shipping weight 8.75 pounds
  • 15-hour delay timer
  • Non-stick inner cooking pot is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with inner steaming basket for simultaneously cooking vegetables
  • Digital touchpad controls
  • 10.8 x 11.8 x 10.8 inches
  • Includes measuring cup and serving spatula

Features and Benefits

Aroma 20-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food SteamerCooking rice well is a difficult knack to acquire without a rice cooker. Many diets feature rice as a staple ingredient, and poorly cooked rice can ruin a dish even if all the other ingredients are done to perfection. The Aroma 20-cup has a big capacity, so you’ll be able to feed a family or a dinner party without making multiple batches of rice. The Aroma also features a removable steaming tray that allows busy cooks to steam vegetables, fish, or meat at the same time the rice is cooking, saving time, effort, and making cleanup much easier.

The ability of the Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker to make entire meals by steaming additional ingredients along with the rice make the appliance a favorite with people who have limited room to cook, like college students or people who live in small apartments. The unit’s timer allows users to place ingredients into the appliance in the morning and return home to find a hot, perfectly cooked meal waiting for them. Because the Aroma 20-cup automatically switches to keep warm setting when the rice is done cooking, it won’t dry out the food like other models can.

The Aroma 20-cup rice cooker and steamer is suitable for use as a slow cooker, offering additional uses for this handy appliance. The Aroma has a low setting perfect for all-day simmering of ingredients.

Ease of cleaning is important for cooking appliances, and the Aroma 20-cup makes washing up easier with a removable cooking pot with a non-stick coating. The cooking pot is dishwasher safe, too. The Aroma has an overflow tray that catches the starchy overflow and saves messes on your countertop as well.


  • Produces perfectly done rice every time
  • Very low price
  • Big capacity
  • Steamer tray can cook vegetables while your rice is cooking, saving time and effort
  • Can be used as a slow cooker for soups and stews
  • Extremely quiet during operation
  • Very light and easy to move around and stow away when not in use
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Aluminum exterior is easy to keep clean, looks nice in any kitchen
  • Exterior of unit doesn’t heat up to pose a scalding hazard


  • Has trouble making batches of less than three cups
  • Inside lid of rice cooker not removable to aid in cleaning

Final Verdict

Aroma 20-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

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The Aroma 20-Cup digital rice cooker and food steamer is a very popular item because of its versatile performance at a very low price. Over 85 percent of reviewers give the Aroma four stars or better. Users like the simple operation of the device, and say they often take advantage of the delayed setting that lets them return home from work or school to find a hot, perfectly prepared meal waiting for them. The ability of the Aroma 20-cup to steam vegetables, fish, and meat ingredients at the same time as the rice (different types like brown and white), and the ability of the unit to keep the ingredients warm when the cooking cycle is over is another big plus with reviewers.

Many rice cookers can perform only one task, but reviewers of the Aroma rice cooker say they often use the appliance to prepare slow-cooked one-pot meals like stew or jambalaya. The Aroma is a favorite appliance for students that like hot meals that they can prepare in their dorm rooms without making a big mess or taking up a lot of room. The Aroma 20-cup rice cooker and steamer is also a favorite for wedding gifts.