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Finding the best ironing boards can be difficult because there are so many ironing boards available. The main goal when searching ironing boards should be value. A lot of people confuse value with cost but they are not the same.

Value is what you get out of something cost is what you pay for something. Ironing boards are a necessity because they cut down on the amount of work it takes to press your clothes AND they protect other surfaces from being used to iron.

There are many different types of ironing boards. There are ergo boards that are built to take the strain out of ironing. There are portable tabletop models. There are built-in boards. Full size boards. The list is seemingly endless when it comes to shopping for an ironing board.

To cut out some of the stress there are a few things that can help you to determine which of the ironing boards is best for your situation.

Some of the best ironing board options are listed below by price category:

$20 – $100

You will find many options in the $20-$100 price range. The Deluxe tabletopĀ from the PolderĀ (full review here) is a great option if you are low on space but want a quality ironing board with iron rest. This ironing board makes it to the best ironing board category because it is not only functional but also rather unique. Another option is the Press and Store from the Vermont Country Store (an online venue). This board folds down on either side to lay flat against the three bin storage cart underneath. It has an iron caddy attached and a generous ironing surface of 41 inches long when fully opened and 19 inches wide.

The Home Essentials line of ironing boards range in price from $13-$100. The features vary from one style to another but they are all good sturdy boards that easily make it to the best ironing board category.

$101 – $400

Household Essentials offers a few great options in this price range. Their Stow Away In Wall ironing board is about $200 and comes with a well built birch cabinet that is outfitted with hooks on the interior to help with the ironing process.

Reliable C-30 Ironing Board is also one of the best ironing board options. It comes with all the bells and whistles like you would expect from a high-end ironing board but the cost is reasonable.

You can find built-in’s that exceed $500!

Understanding Your Options

There are plenty of options to choose from when you are shopping for an ironing board. Understanding those options is important so that you know what to look for. Most all ironing boards no matter what size have the capability of being folded up to be put away.

The full size boards typically have legs that collapse so that they can fold flat. The tabletop boards usually have a way to hook them over a door or to fold so that they can be stashed under a bed or behind a piece of furniture when they are not being used.

If you do a lot of ironing than you will want to invest in a nice sturdy board. If you only do a little bit of ironing than you can very likely get by with a tabletop model. Usually if the product claims to be ergonomic you are going to pay more for it but that does not mean that it is a greater value than a board that does not claim to be ergonomic.

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When considering the options consider the following:

  • How much use will you get out of the ironing board?
  • How much do you really want to spend?
  • How much space do you have for the ironing board?

Do you iron clothes for just yourself? Do you iron clothes for your family? Do you have a large family? All of these questions are things you need to consider when you are shopping for the best ironing board. You do not want to overspend on a board that has all the bells and whistles but you also do not want to under spend and wind up with an ironing board that just makes ironing the most hated chore.

Set your budget. How much can you really spend on an ironing board? There are many different options that run the gamut of price range so you can easily find a tabletop model for under $20 (Home Essentials is a great options) but you can also easily find a $500 built-in model! Set your budget so you can narrow your search. Are there new covers available or are you handy enough to make your own? Where can you put your ironing board when it is time to iron? Where can you store your ironing board when you are done? Both are very important considerations.

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