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Black and Decker ICR07X Cord-Reel Steam Iron Review

Easy to use and easy to store, the ICR07X gives you the best aspects of every previous Black and Decker iron in one sleek package. An update to Black and Decker’s popular cord-reel steam iron line, the ICR07X incorporates new Smart Steam technology to automatically provide the best amount of steam for every type of fabric. Whether you’re steaming drapes, ironing button-down shirts, or cleaning linen, the ICR07X has a setting that will help you get the most out of the iron. The iron can be used vertically or horizontally, making it ideal for anyone who has to do a lot of housework, but doesn’t want to buy specialized steamers or expensive equipment. The iron emits a surge of steam at the press of a button, making it easier than ever to steam furniture and hanging clothing.

Black and Decker ICR07X Cord-Reel Steam Iron

Black & Decker ICR07X Xpress Steam Cord Reel Iron

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  • The Black and Decker ICR07X is a corded steam iron
  • The iron measures 4.8 inches by 12.4 inches by 5.6 inches
  • The item weighs 2.6 pounds
  • Black and Decker offers a two year limited warranty
  • Automatic shutoff system helps avoid accidents
  • Includes Black and Decker’s patented Comfort Grip handle
  • Seven foot long retractable power cable
  • 360 degree pivoting cord
  • TrueGlide nonstick plate
  • SmartSteam technology
  • Spray mist and auto-steam features
  • Two-button steam system located on top of the handle

Black & Decker ICR07X Xpress Steam Cord Reel IronThe nonstick soleplate design helps keep the iron running smoothly, even if you aren’t using any of the steam functions. Normally, the steam is used to soften the fabric and work out the wrinkles, but the ICR07X works well with a minimal amount of steam. The soleplate glides over any type of fabric and has a motion-activated automatic shutoff, so you have some added peace of mind. Even if you forget to turn off the iron, the auto-shutoff system will keep the iron from starting a fire or burning you when you go to pick it up. How does a cord-reel iron work?


  • The iron is much lighter than competing brands which makes it easy to use, even when the tank is full
  • A single fill can iron three to five men’s dress shirts
  • The iron heats up quickly and can get to a very high temperature within minutes
  • The device has great steam production and fully dispersed the steam under the iron instead of leaving it in a few spots under the soleplate
  • After you select the type of fabric you’re ironing, the Black and Decker ICR07X will automatically disperse the correct amount of steam
  • The power steam function removed wrinkles and creases after one pass, making it easy to iron heavy articles of clothing without the hassle of constantly passing over the same spot to get the wrinkles out
  • Great value-for-money because the iron offers many features, but comes at a competitive price point


  • The non-stick coating can wear off after extended use
  • It can be hard to see how much water if left in the tank without lifting up the iron to check the fill line
  • The iron takes a while to cool off after use

Final Verdict

Black & Decker ICR07X Xpress Steam Cord Reel Iron

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One of the most popular irons produced by Black and Decker, the ICR07X offers great quality and superior ease of use. The ICR07X is very inexpensive for such a versatile iron, and most online reviewers say that they would recommend this product to their friends and family. The majority of them give the ICR07X a rating of five stars. This lightweight and functional iron is a great example of Black and Decker’s dedication to producing high-quality products at a competitive price.