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Black & Decker TR1400SB 4-Slice Stainless-Steel Toaster Review

For many people, one of the most-used appliances in their kitchen is a toaster, which makes finding a powerful and reliable toaster just as important as purchasing an efficient refrigerator or oven. One of the most popular toasters currently available, the Black and Decker TR1400SB can toast a wide variety of foods quickly and effectively. The device comes with four wide intake slots that can toast two full bagels or four slices of bread. Whether you eat a toasted bagel every morning with your breakfast, or you simply want a device that will take care of everyday cooking, the Black and Decker TR1400SB is an excellent option

Black & Decker TR1400SB 4-Slice Stainless-Steel Toaster

Black & Decker TR1400SB 4-Slice Stainless-Steel Toaster

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  • The Black and Decker TR1400SB is a consumer toaster
  • Measures 10.75 x 11.5 x 7.625 inches
  • Weighs 6.6 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 7 pounds
  • Runs on 1500 watts at 120 volts
  • Dual, independent control panels
  • Extra-wide, self centering slots
  • Bagel setting
  • Cancel button
  • Black and stainless steel color scheme
  • Internal power cord storage
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Defrost setting
  • Maximum slices per load: four
  • Toast shade selector
  • Two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor

Features and Benefits

Black & Decker TR1400SB 4-Slice Stainless-Steel ToasterThe Black and Decker TR1400SB has a wide array of functions and safety features that has made it the industry standard for conventional toasters. One of the biggest additions is the ability to manually adjust each bay with a separate control panel. This is an excellent option if you are toasting multiple types of bread at the same time. People who have to cook for the entire family each morning like using the separate control panels as well. Children can be very fussy about the food they eat, and the might prefer a specific type of toast while you prefer to have a bagel or toast with a different browning. Now you can have one side set up to suit your children’s palate, and one side dedicated to what you’d prefer.

Another feature of the Black and Decker TR1400SB is the device’s extra-wide toasting slots. When you insert bread or a bagel, the device automatically centers the ingredients so the device can evenly heat both sides of the bread. The device is also built with a high-lift carriage, so you can remove the toast with ease after the heating cycle has finished. This also helps protect the user from the heated elements inside the device by keeping their hands at a safe distance from the inside of the toaster.


  • Both control panels have many functions including: bagel, defrost, reheat, and cancel
  • The device has six different browning controls, so you can set the device to exactly the right setting to suit your palate
  • The Black and Decker TR1400SB comes packaged with a removable crumb tray that can be ejected for easy cleanup. The crumb tray also helps to reduce the build-up of flammable materials inside the toaster, which makes it a welcome safety feature as well as a convenient add-on
  • The toaster has a retractable power cord that makes it much easier to store when not in use. It also makes setting up the device appear much more elegant because it doesn’t have a giant tangle of wire hanging out on your counter top
  • The control panels offer one-touch functionality that makes the toaster much easier to use regardless of what you have the device set to
  • The Black and Decker TR1400SB comes with a high-lift carriage that raises toasted items well above the threshold, so you don’t run the risk of accidentally touching a heating element and burning yourself. This also makes it a lot easier to remove bulky items like bagels from the toaster oven
  • The device comes with four separate toasting houses that are paired together. By pairing the slots together, two of them can be on one setting while the other two are on an alternate heat setting. This is an excellent option for anyone who want to toast multiple types of bread at once, or if you’re cooking for multiple people with different taste preferences


  • Some users have complained that the cord retraction system is difficult to use because you have to pull the cord all the way out before it begins retracting
  • The lever knob can be difficult to operate because the part where you place your finger is very shallow

Final Verdict

Black & Decker TR1400SB 4-Slice Stainless-Steel Toaster

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One of the best toasters currently produced by Black and Decker, the TR1400SB combines the power and efficiency of a professional-grade toaster with the user-friendliness that consumers demand. The device is built to a very high standard, so there’s very little risk that the toaster will break, even after extended use. Overall, the Black and Decker TR1400SB is a great option for anyone who’s looking for a high-quality conventional toaster.