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Bosch Compact Mum 4405 Stand Mixer Review

Making bakers perfectly happy is the Bosch Compact Mixer that is actually regarded as the most powerful stand mixer in its class today. After that first try at baking, one immediately realizes that it is the mixing process that is the most tedious (aside from frosting and probably making 3D fondants) and is responsible for the kitchen mess most commonly seen. For all these, the more a baker needs a dependable stand mixer.

The Compact Mixer by Bosch is compact yet ultimately strong and totally reliable in just about every mixing situation. In addition, it comes with an extremely durable construction that makes it lasts for many years of usage. It simply was able to combine power with European design and quality which we know are of the highest standard.

As Bosch claims it, this will be the mixer that will bring every person’s inner chef to life. True to that, many consumers who have bought this has expressed their happiness and satisfaction as this stand mixer continues to help them do amazingly wonderful creations in the kitchen.

Bosch Compact Mum 4405 Stand Mixer

Bosch Compact Mum 4405 Stand Mixer

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The Bosch Compact Mixer is regarded as the one that does a great job in literally everything. From cookies to bread to meringue, and even to whipped cream, watch how this stand mixer takes in everything carefully and mixes them thoroughly and efficiently.

Read more below of the Bosch Compact Mixer’s specifications:

  • Bosch Compact Mum 4405 Stand Mixer400 watts
  • 4-quart plastic bowl capable of holding up to 6 pounds of dough
  • 4 speeds with microprocessor speed control
  • Anti-splash cover
  • Unique planetary gearing and orbital action
  • Ingenious design of multi-function arm
  • Three position locks that accommodates blender, continuous shredder, food processor, and even other accessories
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Makrilon bowl
  • Compact size for minimal counter space use
  • All accessories are dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy storage
  • Triple whipping action
  • Package includes bowl, splash ring, stainless dough hook, stainless stirring whisk, and stainless mixing whisk
  • 1-year warranty on motor and transmission
  • Measures 13 x 11 x 10.5 inches
  • Weighs approximately 11 pounds


With capabilities that further expand to what the normal features of a stand mixer would be, the Bosch Compact Mixer continues to please more and more people. As most consumers like to joke about, this stand mixer has that great versatility that helps a baker do a simple recipe like that of Jell-O to as complex as bread dough.

Check out more of the Bosch Compact Mixer’s wonderful features below:

  1. Bosch Compact Mum 4405 Stand MixerProductive

Whether you plan to use this stand mixer for home or commercial use, one can expect productivity as it basically does every possible thing in the kitchen. It comes with a whole load of accessories and there is even room for more. Because of this, the capabilities just expand further and further that in the end, this compact equipment by Bosch could be all you ever need in the kitchen given that you have all the necessary attachments.

Some of the optional attachments include compact slicer shredder, compact food processor, compact citrus juicer, and compact accessory, blender, meat grinder, berry press, flaker attachment, and disk holder.

  1. Unique Mixing System

As opposed to other stand mixers that uses only one system to thoroughly mix all the ingredients regardless if it is dry or wet, this Compact Mixer by Bosch makes use of a unique planetary gearing system or an orbital action of the bowl attachments. As a result, the ingredients are thoroughly mixed to achieve that perfect mixture for batter or to soften difficulty-to-deal with dough.

The orbital rotation of the attachments makes sure that even the sides of the bowl are carefully mixed in with the rest of the ingredients in the middle of the bowl. In addition, the 400-watt motor makes this unique mixing system a success with more than sufficient power to carry out its duty.

  1. Ease of Use

Do you prefer a plastic bowl or a stainless steel bowl? Bosch lets you decide which one you prefer as they both remain an optional attachment that you can simply add on to your purchase. Yes this does come with a whole load of attachments and even more optional attachments but they are all easy to clean as they are either plastic or stainless steel. Either way, cleaning is a breeze as everything is dishwasher safe. And if you require more instructions, you can find all features clearly described in the operations manual.

Pros & Cons

This Bosch Compact Mixer is truly a great stand mixer that carries out all mixing, cooking, and baking jobs done without causing a single problem. However, some consumers cannot help but be disappointed with what seemed to be bad customer service from Bosch which we do hope they can explain and improve.

Other than that, this Bosch Compact Mixer remains one of the best kitchen equipment in our modern world today.

Final Verdict

Bosch Compact Mum 4405 Stand Mixer

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If you have a small kitchen but dying to have the functionalities of a multi-purpose kitchen equipment, you have to seriously consider getting this Bosch Compact Mixer. It has a small footprint yet is huge on capabilities. The fact that it looks simple but beautiful also would not hurt either.