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Camco 43904 Folding Ironing Board Review

If you are the type who travels a lot whether for business or recreation, then you should perfectly understand the need for a reliable ironing board when you are up and about. While a handheld steamer may seem like a great idea, there simply are clothes that are best ironed the traditional way. For times like this, you need a reliable folding ironing board that is not expensive.

Also known as the Camper Trailer RV ironing board, this Camco 43904 is a space-saving board that one can practically take anywhere given its compact size when folded down. The board quickly folds into half while the legs fold down making it easy to be stored either under the bed or inside the cabinet and even at the trunk of your car.

It is durable yet convenient to use. Setting it up is easy and storing it is even easier. Experts say that this Camco 43904 Folding Ironing Board is simply perfect for those people who are always on the go but do not really want to spend a fortune on an ironing board. It is not expensive yet works perfectly as advertised.

Camco 43904 Folding Ironing Board

Camco 43904 Folding Ironing Board

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The Camco 43904 ironing board is carefully designed to fit in small spaces and to give consumers the convenience of ironing clothes from a compact but sturdy board. Despite its relatively cheap price, it is solidly built with a nice and durable construction.

One might not be able to appreciate it based on pictures alone. You have to see this ironing board of Camco 43904 in actual to believe us and about 50 other consumers who have already bought this that this is indeed a quality folding ironing board. Here are its specifications as per the manufacturer:

  • Sturdy chrome-wire iron rest
  • Measures 32 x 12 inches when fully set up
  • Measures 16 x 12 when folded
  • Legs and board that fold under for easy storage
  • Pressed board top construction
  • Nice connection points for sturdy mounting
  • Real wood underside
  • Quality fabric cover
  • Weighs only 1 pound
  • 1-year limited warranty


Being a folding ironing board, this is specifically designed to be portable. This Camco 43904 ironing board provides comfort and ease to users during the ironing process, which we all know is not exactly an enjoyable task.

Ironing is one of those things that we have no choice but to do. But thanks to brands like Camco and the likes, they think of more ways than one to help lighten everyone’s household tasks.

Here are some of the reasons why you would want to immediately purchase your own Camco ironing board and take it everywhere with you:

  1. Perfect for Small Spaces

Camco 43904 Folding Ironing Board - folded in drawerGiven that this is a foldable ironing table, it is designed to fit in small spaces (like RVs) both when fully set up and when folded for storage. If you plan to use the kitchen countertop, then this board will gladly oblige. If you want to iron using the coffee table outside while the kids are having fun at the pool, this would also be suitable.

Because of its portability, this lets one multitask and actually save time and energy without sacrificing anything at all. Hence, you only get pure functionality.

  1. It is Inexpensive

At its price of around or even less than $20, this folding ironing board by Camco costs way so much less than its competitors today. And if you are living in a tight space, you probably would not want to spend too much on an ironing board given that they all pretty much function just the same.

Most consumers thought that quality might not be so great because of the relatively cheap price. However, when this product arrived and they were able to give it a try, they were surprised of its sturdiness. As per the hundreds who have already bought this, this truly is the practical choice as it gives you more than your money’s value.

  1. Promotes Safety

This Camco 43904 board comes with a chrome-wire iron rest which promotes safety. Given that it is metal, you can safely put the hot or cold iron there without having to worry that it might leave a mark on your countertop or table or worse, caught fire.

Some foldable ironing boards today do not actually have iron rests and so, the need to purchase additional accessories. With that being said, you even save more with this folding ironing board by Camco.


Remember the saying, “you can’t please everybody”? Same principle applies here. No matter how good a product is, there will be people who do not seem to know what they are looking for. However, it is a good thing that many customers are still standing by their principles saying that this is indeed a very good ironing board especially given its price.

However, one of the main concerns we found was that the board cover has sort of glitters in the pattern. It looks incredibly beautiful but some say that it tends to transfer to ironed clothes. What you can do here is to buy another ironing cover or use the old one you have got to prevent your clothes from being glittered.

Final Verdict

Camco 43904 Folding Ironing Board

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It is a breath of fresh air that portability now comes at an affordable price. Gone are the days when one has to pay extra for comfortable features like this. With this Camco 43904 Folding Ironing Board, you not only get to save more but you even manage to invest in something really good and would make ironing tasks easier.