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Chef’s Choice 852 Classic Wafflepro 2 Square Waffle Maker Review

Favored by cooking enthusiasts across North America, this kitchen appliance, the Chef’s Choice 852, offers an affordable way to cook great waffles in the comfort of your own kitchen. With Belgian waffles becoming more and more popular, a large market for consumer Belgian waffle makers has opened up in North America. For a long time, the only place that you could eat a Belgian waffle was at a restaurant or diner, because many home waffle makers were designed to make only thin circular waffles. Thick, square, Belgian waffles require a different heating process and a different type of waffle maker than regular waffles, so it was unusual for the average consumer to own one. Now, everyone can afford a Belgian waffle maker in their kitchen.

Chef’s Choice 852 Classic Wafflepro 2 Square Waffle Maker

Chef's Choice 852 Classic Wafflepro 2 Square Waffle Maker


  • The Chef’s Choice 852 Classic Wafflepro is an electric consumer waffle maker
  • Measures 11.6 x 6.6 x 9.6 inches
  • Weighs 5.7 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 6 pounds
  • Runs on 900 watts at 120 volts
  • Two waffle capacity
  • Adjustable baking controls
  • Can use homemade and quick-mix batters
  • Nonstick grid with easy-release coating
  • Ready indicator light built into lid
  • Latching handle included
  • Cord wrap
  • Stainless steel body
  • Black and silver color scheme
  • One year limited manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor

Features and Benefits

The Chef’s Choice 852 can make high-quality waffles without the hassle that comes with making waffles on a stovetop waffle iron. The user can set the desired cooking temperature at the beginning of the pre-heat cycle, and the device will automatically regulate the temperature until the waffles have finished cooking. The device also comes equipped with two indicator lights that show when the waffle maker has fully preheated and when the waffle has finished cooking.

Another helpful feature of the Chef’s Choice 852 is that the cooking surface comes with a non-stick grid, so it’s much easier to clean up after you’ve finished making breakfast. After you’ve cleaned the heating surface, the device can be stored easily. The Chef’s Choice 852 comes with a built-in cord wrap to keep the power cord in a tight coil while in storage. The latching front keeps the device from opening up while stowed away, which allows the user to store the waffle maker vertically. This saves space, so you don’t have to dedicate a single cupboard to simply housing your waffle maker.


  • The Chef’s Choice 852 Classic Wafflepro is a very powerful waffle maker for its compact size. The device can fully bake two waffles in two minutes or less
  • The waffle maker comes with adjustable baking controls, which makes it much easier to dial in the perfect bake settings to suit your palate
  • The device can use both homemade and quick-mix batters, so the type of waffles you can make aren’t limited by your waffle maker
  • The Chef’s Choice 852 Classic Wafflepro has a non-stick coating on the heating element, so the device is much easier to clean and maintain
  • The waffle maker comes with Chef’s Choice’s patented floating hinge technology, so the device closes evenly across the entire device. This helps to ensure that the waffles are baked at a uniform thickness and retain their unique flavors
  • The device can reach the optimal cooking temperature very quickly, so you don’t have to wait around for the griddle to heat up
  • The Chef’s Choice 852 Classic Wafflepro comes with an easy-release latching handle that can be used to secure both sides of the device in place so it’s easier to store the waffle maker
  • The device can be stored in the upright position, which makes it a must-have for anyone who cooks in a small kitchen that doesn’t have enough space for a permanent waffle maker


  • The device can only be washed by hand, but the griddle is not difficult to clean due to the waffle maker’s nonstick grid
  • The body of the machine gets quite hot when making waffles, and the device takes quite a while to cool down after the heating element is turned off. This can be an issue for anyone who wants to clean their device immediately after use

Final Verdict

Chefs Choice 852 Classic Wafflepro 2 Square Waffle Maker

The Chef’s Choice 852 can consistently produce high quality waffles with very little user input, which makes it an excellent option for any modern kitchen. Waffle making can be a difficult and time consuming process, but the Chef’s Choice streamlines the process and puts the fun back in making breakfast. The device is easy to use and simple to clean without sacrificing any of the power you would expect to find in a waffle maker. The Chef’s Choice 852 is highly recommended by its users, and the device is rated at four stars or higher in over 85 percent of all reviews. The Chef’s Choice 852 is a great choice for anyone who’s looking for a Belgian waffle maker that comes at a reasonable price point.

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