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Choosing the Best Household Appliances

There are many reasons to shop for multiple household appliances at the same time. Perhaps you’re newly married, and need to start a new household together. Many people find it easier to purchase new appliances when they move across country for a job opportunity or to attend a college or university than to bring their old appliances and kitchen gadgets along with them. Sometimes people lose all their belongings in an unfortunate accident like a fire, flood, or earthquake. Whatever the reason you find yourself in the market for a wide range of small but essential kitchen and household appliances, it pays to shop around for the best prices on the units that offer the best features for your needs. In some ways, that’s easier than ever. But let us first go through the most popular household appliance categories.

Honest Product Reviews and Expert Buying Guides

Trust us to help you find excellent value and the best features on important items from product categories like:

De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino MakerCoffee and Espresso Makers

No kitchen is complete without being able to make great coffee or espresso. The ability to make great tasting coffee in your kitchen can save you thousands of dollars a year by letting you skip the coffee shop and their overpriced cups of java. Really good coffee is easy to make if you have the right equipment, and our buying guide can help you navigate past all the manufacturers claims to find a great appliance at the best price. You can trust honest reviews assembled from real users to judge which unit is right for you.

Food Processors

If you want to take some of the drudgery out of food preparation, and make cooking as fun as it can possibly be, there’s no better appliance than a rugged and capable food processor. Food processors can save you money, too, by letting you use the freshest ingredients in your recipes without paying to have them processed and bagged for you before they’re placed on the shelf in the supermarket. For some foods, every hour after they’ve been sliced, mashed, or pureed can rob it of essential nutrients and flavors. Every kitchen can use a food processor, and our buying guides can save you a lot of time when you’re trying to choose one from the thousands of models available online. Honest reviews from real users let you know exactly what you can expect when you open the box, too.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice ExtractorJuicers

Juicers are one of the hottest kitchen gadgets for today’s home. Many diets and exercise regimens suggest the use of juicers to make the freshest, most wholesome fruit and vegetable smoothies and other juice drinks. Freshly made juice from whole fruits and vegetables guarantees the absolute maximum vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutritional benefits you can get, and without any added sugar, salt, preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors. If you’re a busy person or a household that doesn’t always have time for a filling breakfast, a juicer can be the difference between a fresh and healthy start to your day and a drive-thru breakfast. Trust our buying guides and user reviews to steer you to the best juicer for the money.


Blenders are a mainstay of any kitchen, and they’ve never been more powerful, useful, or affordable. The explosion of cooking shows on cable TV has revved up interest from amateur cooks everywhere to prepare their meals in their kitchens from fresh ingredients. Along with a reliable food processor and a mixer, a blender might be the most useful kitchen gadget you can own if you want to cook fresh but don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen. Kitchen blenders make short work of chopping, liquefying, and blending even the toughest ingredients, and they help you insure that you’re using only the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest ingredients in your recipes. Check our buying guides and user reviews to make an informed choice about this essential appliance.

Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless SteelMixers

Once considered a luxury, a good kitchen mixer has become a must-have for busy cooks. They’re more durable and affordable than ever, so there’s no reason to give your wrist a workout with hand mixing any longer. If counter space is at a premium, you can choose a lightweight and portable model that you can stow away when it’s not in use. If you’ve got acres of granite available, you can choose a bigger, more powerful stationary machine that makes short work of even the toughest dough kneading. Use our buying guide to find the right one for your kitchen and your wallet.

Pressure Cookers

While microwaves have gotten all the headlines when it comes to speeding up food preparation times, the old-fashioned know-how that makes pressure cookers so useful is just as important. If you often make stews or soups that require long boiling or simmering times, a pressure cooker can save you hours. They’re inexpensive and useful, and our buying guide can help you find a great one at a great price.

Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable BreadmakerBread Machines

Few kitchen chores are as relaxing or rewarding as baking your own bread, and a capable bread machine makes it easy. There are many brands and models to choose from, so whether you make baguettes every day, or just a loaf every once in a while, you can find the right unit for your kitchen. Our buying guide will steer you to one that’s effective and easy to use and clean after you’re through.

Electric Rice Cookers

Fussing over rice is a thing of the past. There’s no need to settle for expensive bagged rice, either, when you have a capable electric rice cooker in your kitchen. A good rice cooker takes all the guesswork out of preparing a simple rice dish, and while it’s taking care of the rice so you don’t have to, you can concentrate on the other ingredients that will make even a simple dish a triumph. Trust our buying guides and honest user reviews to ensure a great model at a great price.

Hamilton Beach 26020 Belgian Style Waffle BakerWaffle Irons

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, and it’s the meal that really gives your kitchen and its appliances the biggest workout. There’s almost always time pressure to fix and eat the first meal of the day, and without easy-to-use kitchen appliances like waffle irons, you and your family can find yourself rushing out to work, school, or play with an empty stomach. Use our buying guide to start your day off right with a hearty waffle made fresh with your own waffle iron.


Another breakfast workhorse, toasters are a tremendous time saver in the morning. While toaster ovens can make toast, they’re less efficient and require more attention than many busy families can afford on busy mornings. Get a great toaster and your kids will be able to make their own toast or frozen waffles, or you can get the coffee maker going while the toaster browns your bread perfectly. Use our hand buying guide, with references to honest reviews form real owners, to make a truly informed decision.

Dash Greek Yogurt MakerYogurt Makers

Few foods are as healthy and tasty as homemade yogurt, and none of them are as simple to make. Use our buying guides to choose just the right unit to make fresh, delicious, and inexpensive yogurt in any quantity you want. Check unbiased reviews to see how all the brands stack up before you make your purchase, too.

Ice Cream Makers

Ice cream is a luxury, but an ice cream maker doesn’t have to be. It’s easy to make fresh, delicious ice cream right in your kitchen if you find an affordable and capable maker by using our buying guide. Whether you want a standalone unit for everyday use, or prefer to have a smaller unit that fits in a cupboard and only makes an appearance on special occasions, there’s one for every budget and household.

Panasonic NI-E650TR U-Shape Titanium Soleplate Steam-Dry IronIrons and Ironing Boards

The heart of any laundry room, irons and ironing boards are the most fundamental purchase you can make to keep your clothes in good shape while you keep yourself looking your best at work or at play. While ironing boards and steam irons aren’t major appliances, you can save a bundle by finding just the right models with the features you want and the quality that will make them last a long time, instead of replacing them over and over. Use our buying guide to match the perfect iron with the perfect ironing board to make your laundry chores fly by instead of dragging.

BISSELL Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum CleanerVacuum Cleaners

Every home need some kind of vacuum cleaner, and our buying guide can save you hundreds by making sure you get the best model for the best price. Household appliances like vacuum cleaners often get purchased more often than necessary as people search for a model that does everything they need while not being a bother. You can stop the cycle of buying one vacuum after another looking for one that works by checking out honest and unbiased reviews before purchasing online.

The Internet Makes It Easy

If you wanted to shop for a slew of household appliances, it was traditional to visit a department store and choose from a limited selection of available goods, and using only the help of an informed salesperson. While you might still see this method depicted on a television commercial, it’s really not a practical approach for shopping for household appliances anymore, for many reasons. There are more goods and services available to the consumer than ever before because of international trade agreements, quick and reliable shipping, and the incredible power of the Internet to put us in touch with every kind of seller in the world. No brick and mortar store could ever hope to hold even a tiny fraction of all the different offerings from the many manufacturers that make the household appliances that you’re interested in. Even if it were possible to showcase these items in one place, it would be impossible for a salesperson to speak with any authority about more than a few hundred items at most. It’s not possible for your local appliance and home goods store to compete with the selection on the Internet.

The Internet also makes it possible to get expert opinions on every brand and model of household appliance, instantly. By reading the reviews of users of the kitchen and household appliances you’re shopping for, you’ll get real, unbiased information from people that have already used these appliances, sometimes long after their warrantees have expired. It’s extremely useful to weigh reviews against the technical information that manufacturers offer along with their sales pitches in order to getter a full sense of what you’re buying. The Internet has made this not only possible, but also made it easy.

There are many manufacturers of appliances for in the kitchen or home. Some popular brands are PhilipsHousehold Essentials, Ninja Kitchen, Black&Decker, Honey-Can-Do,  Hamilton Beach, T-fal and De’Longhi.

The Internet Makes It Hard, Too

If the salesperson in a department store offers only a trickle of information about a few brands, the Internet is like a fire hose that blasts you with information about thousands of brands. While it’s always better to have more information and more choices, shopping for items like household appliances and kitchen gadgets can become overwhelming when you’re faced with mountains of competing information about thousands of products.

That’s where we come in. By sifting through the deluge of information available online about any particular appliance, and pointing out the best selection of models and brands available for any particular purchase, we can save you time and money on every kind of household appliance purchase. By summarizing the features, benefits, and consumer ratings and reviews of many items, we let you drill down to the most likely choices for your lifestyle, and let you check out even more reviews for a particular item before you pull the trigger on a sale. That way, no matter what time of the day or night you’re shopping, or day of the week, you can always find out what you need to know, and never feel pressured to make a purchase because you’re tired or the salesperson is giving you the hard sell. We don’t sell anything. We simply offer our expertise to help match consumers with the best bargains available for any kind of household appliance and point you to the right online shops. Of course we would appreciate, if you are going to buy a product after reading our guide and reviews, to click on the affiliate link in the review. In that way we can maintain and increase our site with more and more reviews and other information. But it’s up to you!