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Dualit Hand Mixer 88520 Review

Perfectly exuding the great balance of functionality, durability, and beauty is the Dualit Hand Mixer 88520 that features four settings and high torque performance. It is considered by experts as a high quality mixer that would not totally your budget.

Dualit says that this 88520 hand mixer model is designed both for commercial and home use. No one would dare argue with that as this comes with a heavy-duty capacity powerful motor like those of popular stand mixers today. It boasts of a solid ingenuity and therefore practical with helpful features that make this beautiful thing stand out among the sea of modern mixers we see in the market shelves today.

Dualit Hand Mixer 88520

Dualit 4-Speed Professional Hand Mixer - with beaters

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Being a product that is built to North American Electrical Standards and also having a commercial certificate and CE, SEMCO, and UL approved, you know you are in for a great start with this Dualit Hand Mixer 88520. Otherwise, this mixer probably would not have all these certifications.

If you are wondering what makes this Hand Mixer 88520 by Dualit such a hit among baking enthusiasts and experts, here is a complete list of its specifications:

  • 300-watt commercial quality motor for heavy duty mixing
  • Five-speed setting
  • High torque performance
  • Rotational speed from 540 rpm to a maximum of 1200 rpm
  • Features a chrome finish
  • Comes with easy grip handle
  • Swiveling base
  • Seamlessly quiet operation
  • Beater ejector unit with touch hold for effortless release valve system
  • Measures 8 x 4 x 12 inches
  • Weighs approximately only 1 pound
  • Retractable power cord
  • Interchangeable tools included are a balloon whisk, dough hooks, and two oversized flat beaters
  • 1-year warranty


Dualit 4-Speed Professional Hand MixerWith a three-star rating, it is no surprise that this mixer 88520 by Dualit quickly became one of the best sellers. It comes with a practical price yet is beautifully designed. It is so functional that you probably would not dream of any other hand mixer.

Here are more reasons to love the Dualit 88520 mixer:

  1. Heavy-Duty Commercial Motor

Whoever said that hand mixers are not made for heavy duty commercial baking has not come across this Dualit. Do you know that the more heavy duty a mixer is, the more durable they are?

Yes, simply because one must not always push the limits of a mixer regardless if the one you currently have is a stand or hand mixer. It may say that it has the capacity of making two loaves of bread but you are not supposed to use the mixer at its maximum capacity each and every time. Yes the mixer will be able to handle it but the risk of it being damaged faster increases too.

With this 300-watt heavy duty commercial motor, you can use this for those small baking assignments or as a backup for those bulk orders you need to finish the soonest without having to worry that it might break down anytime during the mixing process.

  1. Highly Functional

It features a five-speed setting which basically gives a baker more options for consistency. One can also experiment with these variable speeds and perfect a batter like no one has ever done before, thus, making this extremely versatile as well.

Have you ever heard that a great advantage of a baker lies in an efficient mixer? Yes, batters need a different speed that those of cookie doughs or breads. For this, you need to have as much variety in speed and not only in tools as much as possible. You surely would not want to buy different models of mixers for your different baked goodies, right? Find some of the best recipes for baking on this site.

  1. Ergonomically Designed

It has got this beautiful chrome finish that makes it look like a really high-end and expensive mixer yet it is reasonably priced. Anyone can actually buy this ergonomically designed hand mixer by Dualit.

A baker truly benefits from the easy grip handle which simply provides comfort to the hands and arms. In addition, this comes with a beater ejector feature making it extremely easy to change tools and accessories if needed. It has an effortless release valve system that almost instantly ejects out the current tool.


Just like any hand mixer, people have concerns because they expect a hand mixer to act like a stand mixer. A hand mixer can actually come close to working efficiently like a stand mixer but not exactly. Here are some of the concerns raised about the Dualit 88520:

  • Shaky Cord Retraction – Be thankful that this unit comes with this feature because others do not. It may feel shaky but that is because of the mechanism only.
  • Plastic underneath the chrome surface – Stainless steel is durable but so is plastic. Most consumers say that their units have actually resisted scratches despite them being careless in the kitchen.
  • Motor burning out – This could be due to some manufacturer problems. The few who have experienced this received their replacement units.

Final Verdict

Dualit 4-Speed Professional Hand Mixer - detail

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If you are looking for a practical hand mixer with great ergonomics and engineering, this Dualit Hand Mixer 88520 is truly worth checking out. It has great power which works amazingly well even on heavy batters without trying to take your arm away.