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Homz Seymour 7000496 Ironing Board Review

The world may continue to advance but one thing will remain certain – we all need a full-sized ironing board at one point or another. Because of this, various manufacturers continue to produce various types and kinds of ironing boards. One brand that continues to excel in this area is Homz Seymour.

As far as basic ironing board goes, the Homz Seymour 7000496 ironing board is the one to beat. It is very affordable yet has all the basic features that one looks for in an ironing board. It is strong yet lightweight making it suitable even for those who live alone. This comes in full size but can be easily moved from one place to another.

Homz Seymour 7000496 Ironing Board

Seymour 7000496 Ironing Board

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Looking at the ironing board Seymour 7000496, nothing is extra special with it. In fact, it looks like any other ordinary ironing board with what seemed to be stable legs and an ironing surface for adult and children’s clothes alike. However, you need to hold and feel this ironing table in order for you to understand why it is the preferred basic ironing board today.

To give you an idea of how this Seymour 7000496 ironing board took the hearts of the many consumers who took a chance on it, here are more details:

  • Full-sized ironing board
  • Perforated Top
  • Fully adjustable height with a maximum height of 35 inches
  • Riveted T-leg for additional strength and stability
  • Patented Leg Lock for easy and safe transport and storage
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Carry
  • Foam padding
  • Includes 100% cotton cover
  • Weighs approximately 7.2 pounds


Homz has since made a name for itself as it continues to provide smart solutions to a home. Their goal is to help every household become as organized as possible. This 7000496 ironing board stays true to that goal. Let us learn more of the key features of this basic but efficient ironing board:

  1. More than a Decent Ironing Board

Given its low price, one would expect a very basic and probably a cheaply made ironing board. However, keep in mind that Homz’s goal is to provide long-term organizational solutions to make life easier and as beautiful as possible. Because of this, expect all the basic features of an ironing board and then a bit more.

Despite the price, consumers praise this 7000496 ironing board for its strength and sturdiness despite its being lightweight. It is easy to set up, use, and store. Another thing that customers love is the fact that the cover does not slip off just like what we all have probably experience in other ironing boards. As a result, this would not affect our productivity.

  1. High Durability

While one, in general, should not expect something extraordinary for a very affordable ironing board, this 7000496 ironing board by Homz Seymour has proven its high durability. Some consumers have had it for as long as seven years and have not encountered a single problem.

Experts think that this is attributable to the great welding. The feet are welded excellently which has to be responsible for its sturdiness. It does not wobble for as long as you use it on a flat floor. In addition, it is technically easy to open up for use and fold for storage because of the lever underneath. It truly makes things simpler, easier, and safer.

  1. A Great Bargain

If you have always been frugal at heart and always wants to get the best out of everything even with regards to ironing boards, then the Homz Seymour ironing board is perfect for you. It does not cost much yet gives absolutely more than what you paid or going to pay for.

Most consumers were hesitant when they bought this. However, they still proceeded with the purchase because they need a full-sized ironing board that they can afford. When this arrived at their doorstep, they were simply amazed with every single feature it offers.

Pros & Cons

With this Homz Seymour 7000496 ironing board’s low price, it is but normal to encounter complaints of all sorts. Many households generally have the notion that if it costs less, then quality must be equally low. What we have to understand is that this is not always the case. Oftentimes, we complain because we set high expectations.

With its low price, what are your expectations? Here are some of the common complaints of customers:

  • The board tends to succumb to heavy pressure. Again, it would be helpful if one reads specific features specifically the materials used to have an idea on the kind of pressure that must be applied.
  • The board falls off on carpeting. Remember that this has a riveted T-leg design and not a four-leg design.

Final Verdict

Seymour 7000496 Ironing Board

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The Homz Seymour 7000496 is a basic entry-level ironing board that offers excellent value for your money. It does not have tons of extra features to boot but it gets the job done in the most efficient way possible.