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Do you remember why people buy express coffee from coffee shops in the first place? Is it not because they want coffee fast and deliciously smooth and aromatic?

Before there were Nespresso machines, people grind and brew coffee beans the hard and traditional way. While it may be an enriching experience, not all people have the luxury of time to do this every single day.

When the Nespresso machines came out, it was definitely a huge relief for those who want a speedy shot of espresso or a delicious cup of cappuccino at any given time without having to burden themselves with all the grinding and brewing and cleaning afterwards. Because of this, the Nespresso has since become the king of all espresso makers.

It quickly became the heaven-sent solution to those who cannot function without a delicious coffee running down their veins but do not exactly want to spend a fortune on buying designer coffee on a daily basis.

The Different Nespresso Models

Nespresso is the most popular espresso maker today having received raving reviews from both critics and enthusiasts and is most preferred by consumers. Each model features different strengths designed for people with different needs. Here are some of the best Nespresso models we have come across:

This is regarded as the compact Nespresso espresso maker which is why almost everyone living in the city prefers this. It has a very modern design which pretty much fits most modern apartments today but it also has a sort of retro look with three colors available – 60’s white, steel gray, or engine red.

  • Nespresso C100 Essenza

How would you want an espresso that tastes even better than Starbucks right at the comfort of your own home? This Nespresso Essenza machine features two default settings – 40-ml straight espresso cup and 110 ml lungo coffee which is simply heavenly. Best part is this allows users to experiment on different flavors to produce different tastes.

  • Nespresso Pixie

This is for people who do not even have one square foot to spare. Just like its name, it is tiny but solid, compact, and durable and most importantly, efficient because of its 19-bar pump pressure. In addition, it even comes bundled with coffee pod carousel and a milk frother. The Nespresso Pixie espresso maker is actually considered a Best Buy!

This is one of the modern beauties that Nespresso offers. It brews outstanding espresso in no time and no effort at all. It also features the 19-bar pump and high pressure to always produce a smooth crema espresso. In addition, it even auto ejects the Nespresso capsule once it is done with it.

The Benefits

There are several good things about the Nespresso machines. They are actually more than just a gorgeous addition to your granite countertop. They are beautiful and look very modern yet it does its job efficiently.

For one, all the Nespresso machines eliminate the need of grinding or presoaking the beans as it does literally everything. All that is left for the user to do is to simply fill the water reservoir, insert the Nespresso capsule, put the mug or cup in place, press the start button, and you will have a great steaming and aromatic cup of coffee within less than 2 minutes.

Here are other benefits of using a Nespresso espresso maker:

  • Makes great coffee in less time – Imagine having nothing less than a perfect cup of coffee each and every time as Nespresso Machines feature a patented extraction system. This is what makes it possible for all the Nespresso Machines to produce perfect cups of coffee consistently.
  • Compact size – If you are living in a small apartment in the city, chances are you do not have the luxury of space for those gigantic espresso machines. Luckily, Nespresso has got this covered with specific models that specifically has a small footprint such as the Nespresso CitiZ and Pixie which take as small as one square foot of space or even less.
  • Solid, compact, and beautiful – Critics say that one can never go wrong with a Nespresso maker regardless of which model. They are all solid, compact, and look very beautiful with different designs. There are ones that feature a retro design while some look very modern and posh. One thing that is common though is that they are all extremely durable. It is a high quality machine that you can get without spending a fortune.

The bottom line is there is absolutely no practicality in buying in a  fancy coffee shop for close to $2 when you can make one at home with help from any of the wonderful Nespresso (wiki) machines for less. More than that, this saves you the time and energy you would normally spent searching for a parking space and falling in line for the long queue.

Above it all, you still get your splendid morning coffee just the way you want it with your own kitchen appliance. So, is Nespresso the best espresso maker? The answer is a definite and resounding yes.