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Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer Review

If you plan to make juicing a serious habit for the hopes of achieving a healthier body, then you should invest in a serious, heavy-duty juicer like the Kuvings NS-940 juicer. It probably costs more than the usual juicers in the market today but you will not spend a single second regretting getting it for all the greatness it will bring forth to your kitchen.

This heavy-duty, super-efficient juicer by Kuvings is very easy to use with simple controls yet it is able to extract more juice with all its nutrients. From leaves to soft fruits and even hard vegetables, the Kuvings upright masticating juicer is the perfect solution for anyone to start eating and drinking healthy without having to opt for overpriced commercially-prepared juices.

Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer

Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer - available in silver, red and black


Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer - componentsIf you have seen Kuving’s advertisement for the NS-940 masticating juicer, you might think that it is simply too good to be true. But amazingly, customers who have actually bought and used this juicer state that it does live up to its advertisement claims.

In fact, it works so excellently that most of them are still in awe after using it for several months already. To know more about the Kuvings NS-940 masticating juicer, here are the product specifications:

  • 240-watt motor that operates quietly at 80 rpm
  • Low-speed masticating technology that minimizes oxidation and preserves healthy nutrients
  • BPA-free components
  • Bowl and cup are made with Eastman Tritan
  • Two-step safety start system
  • Patented cleaning tool
  • 10-year warranty


Kuvings have always been known as a great brand and actually has some of the best juicers in the market today. They have been continuously updating and improving their products. To know more about the Kuvings NS-940 silent juicer, here are some of its outstanding features:

  1. Low-Speed Masticating Technology

Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer compared to high speed juice makerIf you are not familiar with juicers, you might wonder why we are delighted with slow speed masticating technology. The reason is because the slower speed actually maintains all the nutrients as oxidation is prevented. At the same more juice is extracted especially if compared to a centrifugal juicer.

It crushes and presses fruits and vegetables to fully extract the juice without the heat technology that usually paves way for oxidation like in other juicers. In addition, this also operates quietly. Hence, you can easily start juicing the moment you get up without having to bother anybody with the loud sound of most juicers today.

  1. Perfectly Safe

This masticating juicer features a two-step safety system. There is a magnetic lock that needs to be properly secured for the juicer to start. This ensures that one would not make any mistakes that can probably lead to broken parts or scattered fruits and vegetables.

  1. Easy to Clean

Juicers are commonly quite difficult to clean because of the numerous parts and small corners which actually turn most people off. With this Silent Upright Masticating Juicer by Kuvings, one would never have to experience a hard time cleaning it as it comes with a patented cleaning tool for effortless and fast cleaning.

  1. Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer - silver, red and blackUpright Design

Not only does this Kuvings NS-940 Juicer look absolutely gorgeous with an upright design but it also saves kitchen countertop space. In addition, it is well built and utilizes GE-Ultem auger which is about eight times stronger than most plastics used in other juicers. This also comes in three different colors – red, black, and silver.


While the Kuvings NS-940 masticating juicer is great for the most part, critics and consumers say that there are rooms for improvement, which they, of course, expect Kuvings to resolve once they come up with a newer model. Here are some of the areas they thought can still improve:

  1. Clogs

This is a very common problem for most juicers and not just for the Kuvings NS-940 juicer. What usually clog are string vegetables and huge chunks of fruits and veggies. However, this can be remedied by cutting them into smaller and more manageable pieces.

  1. Longer Prep Time

Because this is a slow masticating juicer, one has higher chances of getting more juice if fruits and vegetables are cut into smaller pieces. Since we live in such a busy world, people are complaining that the longer prep time is taking a toll on their busy schedule.

However, what one can do about this is prepare what you can the evening before so that when you wake up, all you would have to do is put the smaller pieces into the juicer.

Final Verdict

Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer - surrounded by fresh fruit

Despite the clogs and the longer prep time, most consumers who have bought the Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer still would not trade it for anything else. All juicers have their own issues but for this particular juicer, the pros definitely outweigh the cons as it still boasts of around 80% recommendation rate from consumers who have bought it.