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Rowenta DG5030 Pro Steam Iron Station Review

A professional ironing workstation built for the consumer market, the Rowenta DG5030’s high-powered steam and great functionality is making it a favorite among homeowners everywhere. The DG5030 is especially popular with sewing enthusiasts because you can easily press seams, smooth fabrics, and pre shrink fabrics that can’t be washed. The Rowenta steam-ironing system is also great for anyone who sends a lot of clothes to be dry-cleaned. You can cut your dry-cleaning bill in half, or remove it from your expenses entirely, by using the DG5030 for daily ironing.

Rowenta has been a household appliance name in Europe for many years, and they are always on the lookout for new technology to incorporate into their ironing systems. With the DG5030, Rowenta has combined the convenience of a regular steam iron with the advanced design of a professional dry-cleaning system, to make a superior product for the consumer marketplace.

Rowenta DG5030 Pro Steam Iron Station

Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Station with Stainless Steel Soleplate 1750 Watt

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  • The Rowenta DG5030 is a professional-grade steam iron and mounting station
  • 1750 watts of power
  • 33-ounce water tank can be used continually for an 1-1/2 without having to be refilled
  • Can be used in the upright position
  • Includes a six-foot long steam cord and a twelve-foot long electrical cord
  • Shipping weight of 11.4 pounds
  • Soleplate is made from stainless steel
  • Measures 12.75 inches by 10 inches by 11 inches
  • The trigger to release steam is located on the handle
  • Illuminated on and off switch
  • Body is made out of durable plastic and has a white and gray color

The DG5030 offers continuous high-powered steam at the touch of a button, making ironing fast and almost effortless. Even the toughest creases and wrinkles can be smoothed out with the steam stations steam blasting features (wiki). The 33-ounce water tank means that you won’t run out of steam when ironing big piles of clothes, even while using an almost continuous jet of steam. The continuous steam will help to complete any amount of ironing in almost half the time it would take with a conventional iron. More steam means less crumpled up bits of fabric, which will help accelerate your ironing time.


  • Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Station with Stainless Steel Soleplate 1750 WattThe base of the ironing system is compact and can fit on most ironing boards
  • The base can also be placed on the floor, depending on the user’s preference
  • The high-powered steam function helps to penetrate fabrics, making ironing much faster than with a conventional steam iron
  • The Rowenta system produces three times more steam than other irons in the same price range
  • The iron comes with variable steam control, so you can adjust steam output to suit the fabric you’re ironing. The steam options range from powerful steam for heavy fabrics, to light steam for delicate fabrics and linens
  • The control panel is easy to use and doesn’t have to be constantly fiddled with
  • The iron is great for steaming furniture and heavy jackets
  • The power cord is extra long, so you can set up your ironing board wherever you want


  • The Rowenta ironing system takes a while to warm up, and the 33 ounce water tank takes a while to fully pressurize
  • If you hold the steam button down for too long, water will begin to build up on the fabric you’re ironing

Final Verdict

Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Station with Stainless Steel Soleplate 1750 Watt

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One of the most popular ironing systems on the market in Europe, many homes in the United States and Canada have started adopting the DG5030 and similar Rowenta models because of their ease-of-use, efficiency, and improved ironing times. Despite a few flaws, the DG5030 is one of the best ironing systems currently being manufactured by Rowenta and will come as a welcome addition to any modern home.