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Smartek Steam Iron ST-1200G Review

One of the best conventional irons currently on the market, the Smartek ST-1200G is a stripped down version of the most popular modern design. Offered at a very competitive price, the ST-1200G has all the features you would expect to find in a modern steam iron without any extraneous functions. The iron is easy to use, and isn’t overcomplicated by too many buttons or dials. Unlike the high tech irons with multitudes of functions that are being sold for five times the price of the Smartek, the ST-1200G has an effective design that doesn’t rely on flashy gadgets to deliver great results.

The ST-1200G is simple to use and easy to maintain. The straightforward design keeps the device lightweight, and it helps minimize wrist strain and strain on the clothes you’re ironing. Heavy irons have a tendency to drag against clothes and snag on the ends, but lightweight irons like the Smartek glide over wrinkles. When steam is applied, that reduces the friction even further, helping to make ironing easy and fun.

Smartek Steam Iron ST-1200G

Smartek ST-1200G Full Function Steam Iron Green

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  • The Smartek ST-1200G is a corded steam iron
  • Measures 12.3 inches by 6.4 inches by 11.7 inches
  • Weighs two pounds
  • Shipping weight is 2.1 pounds
  • Smartek advanced grip handle
  • Stainless steel, non-stick coated sole plate
  • Variable heat controls
  • Variable steam controls
  • Misting spray button mounted on the handle
  • Detachable water tank
  • Power rated at 1200 watts
  • Designed with a green and white color scheme
  • One year warranty for part and labor from the manufacturer
  • Operations manual
  • Internal anti-clogging valve

Many business professionals want a no-nonsense iron they can use every day, and rely on small, inexpensive irons like the ST-1200G to give them fast results without a lot of fuss. People who are new to ironing find that the simple and intuitive design helps make ironing seem less daunting, and like less of a chore. The simple construction and ease of use make it so anyone can use the iron without any previous experience.

The Smartek ST-1200 is available in Green, Red (Smartek ST-1200R) and Grey. So pick your color and enjoy this very affordable steam iron!


  • The Smartek St-1200 can be used for steam ironing or dry ironing
  • Very inexpensive
  • The variable steam controls are easy to use, read, and understand
  • The burst of steam feature is great for getting out difficult wrinkles
  • The water mist spray button is easy to depress and sprays out a consistent amount of water
  • The iron is self cleaning and doesn’t require the user to use distilled water or cleaning products
  • The non-stick coating on the soleplate helps the iron to glide over any type of fabric
  • The heat indicator light is easy to see and can will help notify the user when the iron is safe to be put away
  • The water tank is transparent, so you don’t have to guess how much water is left in the tank
  • The cord swivels, so you won’t step on the cord and it won’t be in your way when you iron


  • The iron will leak water if dropped repeatedly, so take good care of your steam iron
  • The iron’s light weight can feel strange if the user is used to a heavy iron

Final Verdict

Smartek ST-1200 Full Function Steam Iron Gray

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Many users would prefer an iron that has almost no extra features, and simply turns on, heats up fast, and provides a steady and reliable heat. The Smartek ST-1200 is as simple and effective as any iron on the market, and makes a great option for anyone who irons every day and doesn’t care about flashy design or advanced buttons.

The ST-1200G is very popular with online reviewers and has become one of the most highly regarded steam irons currently on the market.