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T-Fal FV4379003 Ultraglide Easycord Iron Review

One of the newest irons to come on the market, the T-Fal FV4379003 offers nearly effortless ironing at a competitive price. In the long run, the T-Fal will also save you money on other cleaning products and dry-cleaning bills. The iron doesn’t require distilled water like some other irons, and it doesn’t need to be cleaned out using harsh chemicals. The T-Fal ultraglide comes with T-Fal’s patented auto-cleaning function, which uses the water and steam already going through the iron’s system to wash out unwanted sediment and minerals. This means that every time you use the steam function on the iron you’re cleaning it, which helps it to iron better and last longer.

Another convenient feature of the T-Fal FV4379003 is the iron’s nine-foot-long electrical cord, which is much longer than most other brands of iron. The cord can also pivot 360 degrees, so it stays out of your way when you’re ironing and is less likely to wind up under your feet.

T-Fal FV4379003 Ultraglide Easycord Iron

T-Fal FV4379003 Ultraglide Easycord Iron with Scratch Resistant Nonstick Soleplate & Anti-Scale System

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  • The T-Fal FV4379003 Ultraglide Easycord is an electric steam iron
  • Measures 5.8 inches by 11.4 inches by 5.8 inches
  • Weighs 3.4 pounds when the water tank is empty
  • Nine-ounce water tank
  • 64 steam holes built into the stainless steel, non-stick soleplate
  • Three-way automatic shut-off
  • Burst of steam setting
  • Vertical steam capabilities
  • T-Fal Easycord system
  • Self cleaning internal parts
  • Nine-foot-long white power cord
  • Purple and white color scheme
  • T-Fal comfort handle
  • Spring assisted, removable water tank cover and sealed inlet
  • 1700 watts – 110 volts AC

The T-Fal sports a stripped down design that gives the user a great ironing experience without sacrificing any features people expect to find in a modern iron. The stainless steel, non-stick soleplate uses steam to circulate air between the iron and the fabric, so the iron can move almost effortlessly. Even the most difficult wrinkles and creases disappear under the iron in one pass. The efficient design of the T-Fal ultraglide can help cut your ironing time in half, even if you don’t have very much experience ironing.


  • The iron heats up in under a minute, which is very quick compared to other steam irons in a similar price range
  • It provides plenty of steam at the push of a button and can be used vertically to steam drapes, hanging clothes, and furniture covers
  • Even on the lowest setting the iron produces the desired amount of steam and doesn’t leak water like with other brands
  • The iron is lightweight, very well balanced, and is stable when sitting on an ironing board
  • The auto shutoff feature works well and helps to improve the overall safety of using the iron
  • The overall construction feels solid and none of the pieces feel cheap or flimsy
  • The controls are easily read and easy to understand, and the design scheme isn’t overcomplicated by too many buttons
  • The Easycord function keeps the power cable out of the way, so you can iron without constantly readjusting the cord


  • The instructions recommend that you fill the tank using a small cup that’s included with the iron, which can be annoying and much less convenient than filling up the iron in the kitchen sink
  • The bottom surface can be difficult to clean

Final Verdict

T-Fal FV4379003 Ultraglide Easycord Iron with Scratch Resistant Nonstick Soleplate & Anti-Scale System - details

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The T-Fal FV4379003 represents a new version of the classic steam iron design. It’s been combined with modern amenities to make an excellent all-around iron. Not many of its competitors can live up to the high standards set by the T-Fal FV4379003. On review sites over 80 percent of reviews rank the iron at four stars or greater.