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Hamilton Beach 63326 6-Speed Stand Mixer Review

One of the most popular stand mixers currently produced by Hamilton Beach, the 63326 uses its powerful 300-watt motor to outperform the competition while remaining at a competitive price point. The device features six speed settings and three mixer attachments, so you’ll always have the right tools available for whatever ingredients you’re mixing. The mixer has a special fold setting that helps when beating light, fluffy ingredients by mixing air into the batter and creating a softer consistency. Since mixers like the Hamilton Beach can be used to do so many different things while you’re cooking, many top review sites have suggested that a powerful mixer like the 63326 is now a necessity in the modern kitchen.

Hamilton Beach 63326 6-Speed Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach 63326 6-Speed Stand Mixer

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  • The Hamilton Beach 63326 is a standalone mixer unit
  • Measures 10 x 14.9 x 14.2 inches
  • Weighs six pounds
  • Shipping weight: twelve pounds
  • Bowl size: 3.5 quarts
  • Motor runs on 300 watts at 120 volts
  • Orbital mixing
  • Attachments and accessories: flat beater, whisk, and dough hook
  • Six speed settings and extra fold settings
  • Stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Gray color scheme
  • Tilt-up head
  • Meets CPSC safety regulations for home appliances
  • Non-skid feet
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor
  • Use & care guide

Features and Benefits

Hamilton Beach 63326 6-Speed Stand MixerThe Hamilton Beach 63326 also comes with a special spinning mixer head that offers complete coverage around the entire bowl. While the mixer head orbits the bowl, the beaters rotate clockwise while the shaft rotates counterclockwise. This rotating motion maximizes the contact between the mixer and the bowl, and that helps to ensure that the ingredients are properly mixed. This also saves time in the long run because you won’t have to stop and scrape ingredients from the side of the bowl. Due to the orbiting motion, all the ingredients will congregate in the center of the bowl. From there, the mixer can efficiently whisk, knead, or mix the ingredients.

Many users of the Hamilton Beach 63326 have commented that the device is exceptionally powerful, and it can mix almost any type of dough with ease. The 63326 can mix even the thickest mixtures like pasta and cookie dough. If you want to use the device to mix thick dough, there are a few simple steps to ensure that the process goes smoothly. First, makes sure that your butter or margarine is at room temperature, so it’s easier to distribute into the mixture. Next, add the ingredients in one at a time, thoroughly mixing the ingredients after each addition. Add one cup of flower at a time until the dough reaches the desired consistency. If the mixer seems to struggle, increase the speed setting until it runs smoothly. Many times, increasing or decreasing the mixer speed can easily fix problems that arise in the mixing process.


  • Hamilton Beach 63326 6-Speed Stand MixerThe device mixes everything inside the stainless steel mixing bowl effectively, and the mixing attachments rotate for complete coverage inside the bowl. This mixes the ingredients much more efficiently and requires a lot less manual bowl scraping after the device has finished mixing
  • The Hamilton Beach 63326 has several special fold settings that are designed to incorporate more air into the mixture. This is a great feature for folding in whipped cream or egg whites without changing the mixer settings
  • The mixer comes with three extra attachments that offer a wide variety of mixing options. The package comes with a flat beater, a whisk, and a dough hook
  • A 300-watt motor that offers excellent power and mixing performance at every control speed, and the device meets professional mixing standards for power and ease-of-use
  • The device’s design offers enhanced hands-free performance, so you can set up the mixer and work on other parts of the recipe while the 63326 does the work for you
  • The 3.5-quart mixer comes with a tilt-up head that lifts out of the way to give the user easy access to the contents inside the bowl
  • The mixer is offered at a much more competitive price than similar devices produced by competing brands


  • Some users have commented the device’s mixing speeds aren’t as varied as some mixers at a similar price point
  • The device doesn’t support 240 volt systems, so the mixer can’t be used outside of North America without a DC to AC adaptor

Final Verdict

Hamilton Beach 63326 6-Speed Stand Mixer

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A powerful mixer has become a necessity for any modern kitchen, and many users recommend the Hamilton Beach 63326 above any other mixer model. The 63326 includes a host of features that can easily be modified to suit the recipe you’re mixing. Whether you’re whipping up some egg whites, mixing soup, or kneading thick dough, the Hamilton Beach 63326 will keep busy so you can focus on other parts of the recipe. The 63326 is very popular among reviewers, and many people have called it one of the best stand mixers currently on the market. We’ve given the device a score of four stars, which makes it one of the best-rated kitchen mixers currently produced by Hamilton Beach.