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Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth Juice Extractor Review

If you’re in the market for a powerful, inexpensive juicer with a big capacity, the Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth Juice Extractor might be the perfect addition to your kitchen appliances. Its tall, cylindrical design doesn’t take up that much room on your counter, but it has a very powerful motor and a big feed chute that makes short work of all your juicing operations. The 67608A has a tall ejection spout that lets you fill the supplied pitcher with juice, and it’s tall enough to substitute almost any size pitcher or other container to produce bigger batches without stopping. The extracted pulp is ejected into an even larger pulp bin, which also saves stopping to dump out the contents when you’re preparing large amounts of juice.

By using the freshest ingredients possible, juicers like the Hamilton Beach 67608A make it possible to add important vitamins, minerals, and fiber to your diet without constantly fussing over your meal plans. By making your juice for immediate consumption, you can also avoid added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and colorants and preservatives that you’ll find in store brand juices. Fresh juice made in your own kitchen costs a fraction of the price of store brands, and it offers limitless combinations of flavors.

Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth Juice Extractor

Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth Juice Extractor


  • Powerful centrifugal juice extractor
  • 1.1-horsepower, 800 watt motor
  • 3-inch diameter feed chute
  • 20-ounce juice container can be used as a serving pitcher
  • Removable plastic parts are dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel cutter and strainer
  • Shipping weight 8 pounds
  • 11.5 x 7.8 x 14.4 inches

Features and Benefits

Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth Juice ExtractorJuicers have become an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle, and the Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth Juice Extractor makes it easy to add healthful, fresh, tasty juices and smoothies made from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes to your daily diet (recipes). Vegetable juice is especially popular as a quick and easy breakfast, and the Hamilton Beach has a very powerful motor to deliver fast results with a minimum of fuss, great for a family on the go. The removable plastic parts are dishwasher safe, so you can operate the juicer during a morning rush without worrying about cleaning the entire machine by hand immediately after use.

Juicers that have less powerful motors and smaller feed chutes require more ingredient preparation than the Hamilton Beach juicer. The 3-inch diameter chute is located in the center of the unit, and it will accommodate fruits and vegetables as large as a whole apple without cutting them up, and the powerful motor can make short work of anything that can fit through the feed spout.


  • Powerful 1.1-horsepower motor makes short work of any ingredients, and can extract the juice from a whole apple in as little as three seconds
  • Large diameter feed chutes cuts down on the need to precut your ingredients before feeding them into the machine
  • Extra large pulp bin lets users juice continuously without stopping to empty the machine
  • Filler spout is located high off countertop height to let you use a wide variety of containers and pitchers
  • Cleaning the unit is easy with dishwasher-safe parts and an included cleaning brush for the strainer basket
  • Pulp collector lets you add nutritious pulp to recipes after juicing
  • Operating the machine is simple and intuitive. Just press the On button and insert ingredients into the feed chute
  • Delivers comparable results to juicers that cost much more money


  • Like most centrifugal juicers, it’s loud
  • Juice can spray back out of the feed chute if you feed ingredients too fast

Final Verdict

Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth Juice Extractor

The Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth Juice Extractor is very highly regarded by both review sites and by purchasers. A remarkable 82 percent of users rate the 67608A at four stars or better, with almost 60 percent giving it a full five stars. Many users like how easy it is to operate the unit. They like the fact that it has only one control, an On and Off switch, and you simply turn the unit on and put your desired ingredients into the feed chute. The extra large feed chute is also a winner with purchasers. It’s time-consuming to have to prepare all the ingredients that go into a juicer before you put them in, and a 3-inch diameter chute saves a lot of preparation.

Users like the dishwasher safe parts, but a lot of reviewers mention that they are able to cut down on cleaning time even further by lining the pulp bin with a plastic shopping bag, and then disposing of it when the juicing session is done. Users point out that the pulp still contains a good deal of juice, but many also report that they like to use the pulp as ingredients in soups, stews, and other dishes and drinks that need a lot of fiber in them, which they consider an added bonus of the machine.