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The bread toaster is a breakfast essential. Mornings in the households are not complete without that familiar pop and smell of browned, warm bread. However, since most of us lead busy lives these days, we tend to take the toaster for granted and forget to give it the proper care it needs.

Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster Candy Apple RedCleaning a bread toaster is a must in order to retain its effectiveness and make it last longer. A clean toaster will also yield perfectly-browned bread and most important of all, regular cleaning will prevent the device from being a fire hazard. There are several methods to clean a toaster.

Cleaning it will require the following:

  • Big salt crystals
  • Grease-proof paper
  • Scotch tape
  • Gentle liquid soap
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda/bicarbonate soda
  • Sponge or any soft cloth
  • Old newspaper

Cleaning Instructions

  • Oster TSSTTRWF4S 4-Slice ToasterDisconnect the device and take it with you to a working area where you are comfortable and can move without restrictions. Gather some old newspaper and lay it down on your working area to keep it organized and spotless as you work with the device. It will also make collecting the crumbs easier after the procedure.
  • Put some salt crystals into the toast slots of the device. Wrap the slots with the grease-proof paper then secure it with scotch tape. Move the appliance up and down several times to scatter the salts since the salt will act as a cleaning agent to the device by removing carbonized residues as you shake it.

The salt may also get rid of pests that will creep inside those slots. However, see to it that you remove all of the salt out of the device since it might cause rusting. This is the reason why you need bigger salt crystals for this method.

  • Empty the crumb tray above a newspaper portion or above an empty plastic bag. Wipe up the tray clean with warm water and the liquid soap by the sink. But if the appliance does not include a crumb tray, turn the whole thing upside-down and gently jiggle it above the newspaper portion several times.
  • Now it is time to tackle the toaster’s exteriors. Wipe the device with a moistened soft cloth or sponge saturated in vinegar. If the appliance has stains on it, use a drop or two of bicarbonate soda/baking soda to scrub the stains off.

Additional Tips

  • Cuisinart CPT-440 Touch to Toast Leverless 4-Slice Toaster Review - also 2-slice model availableBefore cleaning or shaking the appliance to get rid of the crumbs, make sure that the entire unit is unplugged.
  • For stubborn crumbs, use a toothbrush or a tiny bottle brush and scrub it lightly against the device’s inner coils to slacken the wedged crumbs. Tap these crumbs out over the newspaper or garbage.
  • Always do maintenance procedures on a cool device. Do not burn your hands trying to clean a scorching toaster.
  • Connect the device into the wall with well-dried hands.
  • Do not stick sharp things into the toaster if you are trying to get something out of the device. You can be electrocuted. It is not also advisable to do this even if the device is not plugged in because you may destroy its components.
  • T-fal 8746002 Classic Avante 2-Slice Toaster with Bagel FunctionPlugged in or not, you should never submerge the device in water to clean it.
  • Several toaster models have exteriors which can reveal stains, marks or fingerprints. Think this through while shopping for a model; for example, units with stainless steel exteriors require consistent buffing to keep its shiny, sleek appearance and get rid of fingerprints as compared alongside units with solid plastic exteriors.
  • The exteriors of the device must be wiped clean on a regular basis. Cleaning and getting rid of the residue from the device’s interiors should be done monthly to guarantee peak performance. The tray must be cleared of crumbs frequently as well.
  • Cleaner, maintained toasters work better than those with congested interiors. You won’t have to worry over burnt crumbs if you tidy it up habitually.
  • Let the device cool down entirely before storing. If you are going to store the device for an extended period of time, make sure that it is completely clean and empty of unwanted residue. Keep the appliance in a dry place like the cupboards or the countertop.

The toaster is an excellent kitchen helper because of its capability to deal with all kinds of bread. Plain white bread, whole-grain, rye down to croissants or pop tarts, the toaster will easily pop out deliciously browned, warm pieces that are so good to pair up with butter, jam or any choice spread.

Safety should be the priority first though, and to guarantee safety, maintenance is needed for this kind of appliance. Regardless what model you use, cleaning it should be a part of your weekly routine. Several minutes of your time will yield a safer, longer lasting appliance in addition to providing you warm, crunchy bread for breakfast.